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Monday, December 8, 2008

Freethought Without Forethought?, part 1 of 8

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  1. “No one can tell you what to think. Not your teachers. Not your parents. Not your minister, priest, or rabbi. Not your friends or relatives. Not this book. You are the boss of your own mind. If you have used your own mind to find out what is true, then you should be proud! Your thoughts are free!”

    Isn't he telling us what to think in that statement? You should think this way: Don't let anyone tell you what to think, not even me. If you don't think that way you aren't thinking properly. What if I came to the conclusion that I needed to think a different way or that there is a standard for thinking higher than myself? Would I still be a freethinker?

    Also, How is it that a thought can be genuinely free in an atheistic worldview? It would seem that if a thought is simply the result of a long complex non-rational chain of chemical and material causes and effects then a thought isn't really free at all, it is just an effect determined by the conditions. Given those same conditions a human being will always have that thought. How can they blame Theists for having different biological conditions that produced different effects?


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